Paris Hilton names G-Dragon as her favourite musician

American socialite Paris Hilton said on a TV show that her favourite Korean artist is G-Dragon of K-pop boy band Big Bang.

"Among Korean musicians, I like G-Dragon," the Hilton heiress said during StoryOn's "True Live Show."

The two met once onstage at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2013, when she handed over the trophy for the year's best singer to G-Dragon. Hilton then praised him as a talented, cool man on her Twitter page.

On the cable TV show scheduled to be aired on July 25, the big-name entertainer will talk about her life as a Hollywood celebrity while watching a video of her luxurious house. She will also reveal her beauty secrets.

"Not only can you get a glimpse of Hilton's fancy and unique lifestyle but you can also discover her hardworking and serious sides," the production team said. "The all-around entertainer will also tell you heartfelt stories about her family and where her energy comes from."

The superrich celebrity made a two-day visit to Korea on July 17 to take part in the filming of the two shows -- StoryOn's "True Live Show" and "Get It Beauty." She is gearing up for her new song "Come Alive" to be released later this year. The music video for the track was recently unveiled, raising expectations about her next step.

The TV shows "True Live Show" and "Get It Beauty" starring Hilton are slated to air on July 25 and 28, respectively.