Park Min-young rises as fashion icon through 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?'


TvN's "What's Wrong with Secretary Kim" has been a roaring success.

The romantic comedy-drama has been ruling the Wednesday-Thursday evening slot in South Korea, with an average viewership share of 8.4 per cent, reports K-Pop Herald.

Due to the ongoing good result, the lead actress Park Min-young, who plays the role of secretary Kim Mi-so, rose as a fashion icon for women in their 20s and 30s.

In the past, Park has always been recognised as a trendsetting character. Her photos taken during travelling in Europe went viral in her country a few years ago, with many posing for the same shots when travelling.

In the drama, she is a competent secretary, and she once publicly revealed that she lost four kilograms for the role. Mentioning the weight loss, she displayed her confidence in fashion, saying, "I hope to show nice office looks."

After the drama was launched, her confidence was proven right. Viewers are craving to know what Park wore in the drama. The clothes, bags and accessories are flying off the shelves after each episode airs.

Let's take a look at her wardrobe as she plays the lead role of the series:

As office secretary

Photo: VIU

Park usually has a flawless office look in the drama, with her hair neatly tied back in a ponytail.

But as this is a romantic comedy, Park knows that she should include a softer, gentle touch in her style.

That's why the character Kim often wears a shirt with elaborate details and a simple knee-length skirt to work. She adds details to the look, such as small earrings and stilettos.

As a simple woman in her home

In the drama, Kim is a competent secretary at work, but her charm still shines when she is at home.

She displays a comfortable yet stylish look with sportswear in pastel hues. With short, wide hemmed training pants and a hoodie, Kim showcases a comfortable yet adorable style.

While on a date

As the story develops, Park sports more casual looks, meeting her boss-cum-lover after work. But the biggest emotional turn becomes evident when Kim buys a new outfit for a date with Park.

Invited out for dinner with him, Kim rushes to buy new clothes to make herself shine more.

Her choice was a floral-patterned dress with a cold-shoulder design. It was reported that the dress from local designer brand Not Your Rose sold out after Park donned it.

Photo: VIU