Parody video of Descendants of the Sun turns fantasies into nightmares

PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs

SINGAPORE - From a cliffhanger rescue to a romantic kiss at the back of a truck riding into the sunset, South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun is the stuff fantasies are made of.

But in reality, these scenarios are unlikely to play out the same way that dreamy Song Joong Ki and flawless Song Hye Kyo have made them out to be.

In a hilarious parody video being shared online, the South Korean version of sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live shows just how these scenes would likely play out if they happened to real couples .

Instead of a heroic rescue, a truck at the edge of a cliff would likely plunge into the depths below. And instead of a romantic kiss at the back of a truck, the couple would probably be interrupted by a bumpy ride down an badly-maintained rural road.

This is not the first time that the popular late night variety show has spoofed the hallyu (Korean wave) drama. For the past few months, its comedians have replaced the goodlooking lead actors in hilarious spoofs depicting famous scenes from the 16-episode drama which has captivated audiences across Asia.

Descendants of the Sun has become so popular that state broadcaster KBS announced it would air a marathon of three of its episodes during the country's general elections this week. In contrast, other dramas which usually air in the same time slot on rival networks will be halted for a day, Yonhap reported.

The show has also constantly been at the top of audience rating lists in S Korea. It also scored a total of 2.3 billion views in China for its latest episode, and its title has been searched over 10 billion times on Weibo.

With the final two episodes scheduled to air this week, fans across Asia can only hope for the perfect fairytale ending to their fantasies.

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