Perfect match for Kiss92's wedding prize

Today, we feature constituency manager Aaron Teo and ballet teacher Cheryl Li, both 25, who met as Temasek Polytechnic students.

1. Many couples are Marrying later. What Made you decide to do it early?

Mr Teo: I guess it is the social norm to want to start a career, but Cheryl and I have known each other long enough, seven years in fact, to want to move on to the next phase of life, which is marriage. We have bought a Build-To-Order flat.

Ms Li: We are ready to start a family and we want to be young parents..

2. What is your secret to a great relationship?

Mr Teo: I think communication and fun. Without communication, you won't know what your partner is feeling or thinking. If there's no fun, it's not a relationship - you have to keep the fire burning.

Ms Li: I think there are many components, but the most important are communication and trust.

3. if you don't Win the contest, how do you plan to pay for your Wedding?

Mr Teo: We'll save up and make our dream come alive. When I heard about the contest, I remember thinking: "Hey, this is us!" We are proud we have made it this far.

Ms Li: We still gain from the contest even if we don't win. We'll get to know each other better.

4. What Makes you Want to Marry your partner?

Mr Teo: There are so many things that made me realise I want to spend my life with her.

Ms Li: We complement each other. Before I met him, I wasn't that lively. He brought out a side of me that would have otherwise been hidden.

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