Philippine internet star Xander Ford reveals new look after undergoing multiple surgical procedures


Since undergoing plastic surgery, Marlou Arizala, who identifies as Xander Ford, has been sharing updates of his recovery on Instagram.

The pictures show his face still swollen from multiple procedures done in early September.

On "Rated K," plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Yapjuancgo revealed that the former Hasht5 singer underwent a nose lift and chin augmentation.


Based on the TV feature, other cosmetic procedures include wrinkle removal, eyebrow thickening, eyelash extension, lip pigmentation and dental implants.

His mother, Merly Arizala, was opposed to the procedure to avoid complications. The procedures were painful but he decided to push through with it to fulfil his artista ambitions.

Xander Ford's new look was revealed on Oct. 1 on the show.