Pink's video thrusts family into spotlight

Pink's video thrusts family into spotlight
0:08 Willow shares a tender moment with mum Pink in their living room, while dad Hart slumps on the couch.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Not in relationships, and most certainly not in marriages, where husbands and wives struggle - at times - to stick it through thick and thin.

US singer Pink's latest music video for True Love, a groovy, bubbly anthem with a strong family-centric message, will resonate with anyone who's felt her frustrations - yes, I adore my spouse, but there are moments when I'm so mad at him I just want to pull my hair out.

Pink boldly thrusts her family in the spotlight; hubby and former motorcross racer Carey Hart gets plenty of screen time, so does their two-year-old uber-cute daughter, Willow.

Colourful pop art-style scenes of the happy trio cycling, Pink and Hart hurling confetti at each other amid fireworks, and Pink playing with Willow's animal plushies are interspersed with documentary footage of the 33-year-old pop star on tour.

British singer-songwriter Lily Allen scores a 30-second cameo, where she wields a kitchen knife and chops up carrots, looking all green with envy at Pink's blissful domestic life.

Rambunctious and zany, True Love is one of Pink's cutest videos.

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