Pop the question, post on YouTube

Taiwanese pop-rock quartet Wonfu probably didn't see it coming, but as of this month, the mostwatched clip on their official YouTube channel isn't any of their music videos.

Instead, it's a video of a marriage proposal. Last month, lead guitarist-vocalist Xiao Min, 35, and bassist-vocalist Twiggy, 33, took their eight-year courtship to the next level after the former popped the question in front of bandmates and close friends.

His nine-minute speech - including a teary moment when he told his bride-to-be that "it's not enough to call you a soulmate, you are my DNA-mate" - was recorded and posted on YouTube.

It has got more than 270,000 views.


In a phone interview from Taipei last week, Xiao Min accepted LOUD's congratulations with a chuckle: "Thank you so much. The response to (our video) has been really amazing. It's like, everyone we know saw it on the Internet."

He said in Mandarin: "We attended a music festival recently and were constantly stopped in our tracks to be congratulated. It certainly feels like Chinese New Year has arrived early."

Wonfu, best known for their retro 60s-inspired tunes such as Little Eyes and Backpacker, will be in town for a concert at Switch music bar next month. The other band members are guitarist-vocalist Mami, 30, and drummer Belly, 33.

Recalling the moment when Xiao Min got down on one knee to ask for her hand, Twiggy said in the same interview: "Initially, my mind went blank. I didn't know what was happening. Obviously, all our friends present in the room knew.

"Lots of people started crying. I didn't cry though, because I was too happy to shed tears." No wedding date has been set, but Twiggy said it should be "some time next year".

"Our schedule is super tight till the end of the year," she explained.

"Anyway, for (Xiao Min and me), there is not much difference between work and life. Everything's gelled together. We spend nearly 24 hours a day with our band."

Local fans can expect to see a more mature, tender side of Wonfu this time round. The foursome, who last performed here four years ago, started off "playing mostly kiddie, cutesy tunes" but have since "evolved with age", said Mami.

"We still like to make jokes and find humour in little things, but personality-wise, all of us have grown up."

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