Popu lady waiting for love

Taiwanese girl group Popu Lady’s members (from left) Hung Shih, Chen Ting-hsuan, Da Yuan, Liu Yu-shan and Bao Er.

Taiwanese pop king Jay Chou, 36, spared no expense to create the perfect fairy-tale wedding for his blushing bride, 21-year-old model Hannah Quinlivan, last Saturday.

Apple Daily estimated the cost of the wedding, which took place in England, at NT$23 million (S$973,230) and said it was the most extravagant wedding in Taiwanese entertainment.

It is no wonder that dreamy girls everywhere are envious and the lively members of Taiwanese quintet Popu Lady are no exception.

But the singletons also have realistic expectations about their own weddings in the future.

The verbose Liu Yu-shan, 23, says: "I would love to have their wedding ceremony. But Jay spent over NT$20 million. I don't know if my future husband will have that kind of cash."

Da Yuan, 25, chimes in: "Jay's wedding was held at such a lovely location. The couple look really blissful.

"But for me, as long as I am in love, it doesn't matter if he doesn't throw such a grand wedding for me. It can just be the two of us making our love vows and that's enough for me.

The girl group, which also include Chen Ting-hsuan, 24; Hung Shih, 27; and Bao Er, 25, were in town earlier this week to promote their third album More.

Popu Lady, who are labelmates of hit female pop trio S.H.E, made their debut in 2012 and are carving a name for themselves in Mandopop. They were named Pop Group With The Most Potential at last year's Taiwanese Hito Radio Music Awards.

With their music career taking off, it is unlikely that the five members will get hitched any time soon, though Da Yuan and Liu reveal that they once longed to walk down the aisle as soon as they could.

Da Yuan, whose real name is Lin Ying-zhen, says: "I grew up in a single-parent family. I've always looked forward to settling down and starting my own family. In my past relationships, I always had the urge to tie the knot.

"But now, work comes first. If I'm lucky enough to get a boyfriend, I think I might feel the impulse to get married again."

The bubbly Liu wants to get married because she wants to be a yummy mummy. She says: "I actually wanted to give birth at 20. When I'm 40, my daughter will be 20. When we go clubbing, people will ask, 'Hey, are you guys sisters?'"

When Popu Lady flew to famed wedding destination Guam last June for their album's photo shoot, they could not help but get caught up by the romance in the air.

Chen says: "We took some shots outside the Chapel of Rainbow. It was really lovely. All five of us really had the impulse to get married then."

The singers went into a workout frenzy when word was out that they might have to don bikinis for the photo shoot at the beach destination. However, the bikini shoot did not materialise.

Fans need not be disappointed, as the singers are open to baring more skin in future. Bao Er, whose real name is Wu Yun-ting, says: "How much skin we bare depends on the company.

"Whatever the company tells us to wear, we will. If they ask us to wear bikinis, then we will work out to get a bikini bod."

Da Yuan, who is known for her 32D chest, quips: "As long as it's not overly revealing and it's a healthy image, my mum would be happy for me to show off my figure. She believes that good things should be admired."

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