Racy Riri rocks out with saucy talk

F1 Highlights
Artist: Rihanna
Venue: Padang Stage, Zone 4
Attendance: 65,000
When: Sunday night

The engines on the track may have ceased running after the sixth annual Formula One SingTel Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday night, but things were just revving up over at the Padang Stage.

R&B superstar Rihanna, tasked with providing post-race entertainment at around 10.40pm, certainly kept things racy and risque.

That's despite the singer's odd choice of outfit, that is.

My Paper gives you the highlights.

Smashin' Fashion

Usually one to let it all hang out in revealing outfits, the Barbados-born pop princess, 25, was more covered up than one might have expected.

She was decked out in a knee-length shift dress with various motifs, including a graphic of a bottle, and slits up both sides - reportedly by Belgian designer Raf Simons - throughout the 90-minute show.

That messy, mullet/ponytail hybrid hairdo didn't do her any favours, either.

Twerk it out

Move over, Miley Cyrus. Riri's sultry dance moves overshadowed her singing - she relied heavily on backing tracks for the more upbeat numbers, and her unique nasal drawl often fell flat.

But boy did she gyrate, thrust her hips and twerk - even running her hand over her crotch for good measure - to songs like Rude Boy (2009) and What's My Name (2010).

The almost-R-rated performance must have incited some blushing from the more conservative audience members.

Say what?

The gal, who last performed here in 2008, wasn't shy about addressing her audience, and she didn't censor herself, dropping a couple of choice four-letter words when chatting between songs.

Her way of complimenting the massive crowd?

"Singapore, you're the s***," she exclaimed with a smile at one point.

Star Power

A superstar of Rihanna's stature surely has friends in high places, and a couple of them turned up to show their support, too.

Canadian teen idol Justin Bieber - who played the event's closing concert at the same venue last night - was spotted, as was Welsh singer Tom Jones, who had earlier played a set (see sidebar) at the Village Stage in Zone 1.


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