Raymond Lam is 'torn between three women'

In the horror film Baby Blues, Hong Kong actor-singer Raymond Lam gets to work alongside his girlfriend, Karena Ng.

However, she is not one of the two actresses whom he gets intimate with onscreen.

Newcomer Janelle Sing, playing his wife, shares a bed scene with him, and he also locks lips with Kate Tsui, playing a temptress singer, in an underwater scene.

But if making the film was an awkward experience for the real-life couple, he is not letting on.

Lam, 33, consistently dodges questions about Ng, 20, in a recent telephone interview with Life! and other publications.

Speaking in Mandarin from Hong Kong, he says: "All along, we've dealt with things in a low-key manner, but some of your media colleagues have written their reports in a provocative way. So I've decided to no longer talk about my private life."

And if wedding bells were to ring for him one day, he would want to keep that under wraps as well. "Outside of work, my private life is for my family members and not to be shared with work colleagues. And that would be a family matter. I would just let nature take its course."

While he skirted questions about Ng, who plays his feisty sister-in-law in Baby Blues, he was happy to talk about his kissing scene with Tsui, 34.

He recalls that she was quite nervous about the scene as she is not a good swimmer and wondered how she was going to keep her eyes open underwater.

There was also a degree of danger to the scene as they had to be weighted down in order to stay below the surface of the water.

Divers were on standby with oxygen tanks.

Lam adds, though, that she was a trooper: "I've worked with her before and she's someone who will go all out."

The two have collaborated on TVB series such as crime drama Highs And Lows (2012) and the popular family drama Moonlight Resonance (2008).

Often cast as the heroic leading man on TV, Lam has been taking more chances on the big screen.

In the period action flick Saving General Yang (2013), he played one of the warrior brothers of the Yang clan, and in the comedy Love Is... Pyjamas (2012), he was a photographer known for his blurry shots.

He says: "I'm a newcomer to the big screen, so I'm starting from scratch and I want to give audiences a new impression of me so I'm trying all kinds of new things."

Still, the choice of a horror film is somewhat odd for Lam, considering that he professes to be afraid of them.

He says: "I want to yell out, but as a guy, I don't dare to do so in the cinema so I have to suppress all that emotion."

Fortunately for him, he did not have any supernatural encounters while shooting Baby Blues, in which he plays a songwriter whose wife mourns the death of one of their twin baby sons and starts to treat a doll as a replacement.

He adds with a laugh: "Nothing weird happened because, on set, I would always be where the crowd was. Even when I had to go to the toilet, I made sure there were some people from the prop department resting outside."

Just as he is keen to stretch his wings in acting, he is also open to breaking new ground when it comes to his singing career.

In the film, his character is a producer who writes a dark song about death. And Lam - who released his debut Cantonese album, Searching For You In Loving Memories, in 2007 - is willing to embrace that personally, "but it has to be suitable".

He recalls: "When I first started out as a singer, the numbers were associated with TV serials and often bittersweet love songs. It got to the point where I didn't even know what to sing when I was invited to do so at other people's weddings."

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