R.chord Hsieh and girlfriend sued by his wife for $189,500 for committing adultery

PHOTO: Instagram/ keanna_taiyh

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And miscarried.

Keanna Taiyh has filed a complaint against her Taiwanese husband R.chord Hsieh and his girlfriend Liya for adultery.

Taiwan is one of the few countries in the world that considers adultery a crime.

Yesterday, Keanna posted on her Instagram the grounds for her complaint. Even though singer-songwriter R.chord is still legally her husband, he and Liya have been dating openly, she said.

They have "held hands and kissed many times in public, even co-habiting", Keanna added. The affair has apparently dealt such an awful blow that she suffered a miscarriage last year.

"Because of my playful character, I have asked for a compensation amount of NT$4,200,000 ($189,500)," she concluded, taking a swipe at her druggie husband's illegal use of cocaine and the National Cocaine Day on April 20.

In response, R.chord simply called her a "money-grabbing ex-wife", and left the matter to his lawyer to handle.

The estranged couple's private lives have been playing out like a dramatic Taiwanese soap opera for over a month.

The dirty laundry was first aired in public on Dec 5 when Keanna reported him to the police for illegal drug use. R.chord also broadcasted his arrest in a series of Instagram Stories.

A week later, he announced to Taiwanese media that he would be divorcing Keanna — who was then pregnant — and also admitted to his affair with a young live-streamer named Liya.

On Jan 7, Keanna wrote a long scathing post seemingly directed at Liya, calling her a scheming woman who used sex to acquire fame.

All three parties engaged in a public spat, culminating in the revelation that Keanna suffered a miscarriage after being "tortured physically and mentally every day" following news of the affair.