Remove fake news or I'll sue, singer Siti Nurhaliza warns website

PETALING JAYA - Malaysian pop diva Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza Tarudin  is threatening legal action against a news portal which fraudulently reported that she had been sued.

In an Instagram post on Sunday (April 8), she denied allegations made in a viral article that said she was being "sued" by the Malaysian government for using "illegal information to make millions" in cryptocurrency trading.

A screencap of the offending article posted by Siti in her Instagram post.

"I vehemently deny the news. I have got nothing to do with it," she posted.

The photo accompanying the article also featured the masthead of an English daily, and even misspelled her name as "Sita Nurhaliza".

Siti also questioned the motives of the person who wrote the article.

"Using my face and my name has invited confusion and raised questions by many parties," she said.

She urged the person who published the news to delete her image and name from the article immediately.

"If this goes on, I will not hesitate to take appropriate legal action against the individual," she added.