Rihanna, Guns N' Roses slam Trump for use of their songs in his 'tragic rallies'

PHOTO: Reuters

Rihanna and Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose were not pleased when they discovered that United States President Donald Trump has used their songs in his recent rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Philip Rucker, political analyst and White House bureau chief of The Washington Post took to social media last Nov. 4 to relayed to his followers the goings-on in Trump's rally.

"It's been said a million times, but here's a million and one," Rucker tweeted. "Trump's rallies are unlike anything else in politics. Currently, Rihanna's "Don't Stop the Music" is blaring in Chattanooga as aides toss free Trump T-shirts into the crowd, like a ball game. Everyone's loving it."

Rucker's tweet made its way to the pop superstar, as she retweeted Rucker's post the following day, Nov. 5.

"Not for much longer…" Rihanna said. "Me nor my people would ever be at or around one of those tragic rallies, so thanks for the heads up Philip!"


Apart from Rihanna, Rose of Guns N' Roses was not happy upon discovering that one of the band's songs was also used in Trump's Chattanooga rally.

Rose clarified on his Twitter account on Nov. 4 that the band opposes the use of their music in political events.

He wrote, "Just so ya know… GNR like a lot of artists opposed to the unauthorized use of their music at political events has formally requested r music not b used at Trump rallies or Trump associated events."


Rose found the situation unfortunate, as he continued to write, "[The] Trump campaign is using loopholes in the various venues' blanket performance licenses which were not intended for such craven political purposes, without the songwriters' consent."

"Can u say 'sh*tbags?!" he quipped.


Rose also hit back at Trump supporters, finding it ironic that they were listening to "a bunch of anti Trump music" in Trump's rallies.

"But I don't imagine a lot of 'em really get that or care," he said.


In the end, Rose made it clear that the band is not associated with Trump's campaign, especially after their famous "Sweet Child O' Mine" was heard being played at the rally.


"When ur phone's blowin' up cuz peeps r seein'/hearin' Sweet Child on the news at a rally… as a band we felt we should clarify r position. Peace!"