Rising voices of 2014

George Ezra, singer from Bristol, England.

Last week, we gave you a heads-up on some of the female musical artists to look out for this year. This week, our attention turns to the males.

These guys have not made our playlist at Kiss92 -we only play the biggest hits, yo! - but if they keep up the great work, they are sure to wind up on our station.

The lady divas - Beyonce, Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna - have been ruling the airwaves over the past few years, but maybe now it is time for the guys to step forward!

Come on, fellas, stop being so lame and sing! Sing like the wind!


Remember when you first heard Rick Astley and you could not believe he was white?

Ezra is the same kind of deal.

The 20-year-old from Bristol, England, looks like a skinny blonde nerd, but he sings like a heavily-mustachioed cattle rustler from Wyoming. His voice is big!

If you are getting off on the Americana of the Civil Wars and such, you will also love this.

His debut EP is on iTunes and he is working on his first full-length album.

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Guess who is opening for Lorde during her upcoming tour?

Lo-Fang, that's who. Lorde is a huge fan of the Maryland singer-songwriter (real name Matthew Hemerlein) and you could be, too.

A classically trained musician proficient on piano as well as multiple string instruments, Lo-Fang creates rhythmic electronica soundscapes that will put you in mind of a sexy fairyland, courtly yet sensuous.

His first album, Blue Film, is due next month.

Prance with him, won't you?

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Imagine if you will a robot choirboy, his crystalline yet mournful voice rising to the heavens atop a crest of ambient bleepings and bloopings.

Singer-producer Sohn, who divides his time between London and Vienna, creates shimmering "slowtronica" that is the perfect accompaniment for urban adventures.

Play it as your own personal soundtrack while sipping your coffee or riding an escalator and you will feel supremely cool.

Some of his singles are available on iTunes, and his first full album is due soon.

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