Rock star makes death threats to dad

Hong Kong - Friends of rock star Paul Wong deny he has an emotional disorder, after he shocked fans on Weibo with a threat to kill his dad if he hits his mum and his wife, actress Athena Chu.

The 49-year-old former Beyond guitarist has seldom spoken of his father but suddenly accused him of domestic abuse on Friday, said Apple Daily.

He said he could tolerate his father's drinking and womanising, but not an episode in his childhood.

"You hit mum, picked up a large kitchen knife and cut, cut, cut," he wrote. He and his two brothers were aged eight to 10 at the time.

"Even if mum made mistakes, she bore you three sons and suffered a lot, right? Almost every time I chat with you, you put all the blame on her and say she will die early or something. Do you wish her dead?"

He also warned his father against hitting Chu, who is the mother of his young daughter.

"Dad, do you know? I revere and hate you. I would hit you if you weren't old. If you make my family suffer, I will slay you," he wrote.

"Half the genes in my body are yours, I call them rubbish genes. If you want to hit my mother again, and my wife, I am afraid I will become my own father's murderer."

On Weibo, fans tried to tell Wong to calm down and one of them told Chu, 42: "Your husband wants to kill someone. You have to stop him and stay away from his father."

Newspapers including Ming Pao Daily News and Oriental Daily News said neither Wong nor Chu picked up their phones after his shocking post.

Former Beyond drummer Yip Sai Wing told Apple Daily: "I used to go to his home for Chinese New Year. His dad had a sense of humour. They seemed quite okay."

Yip said he had not heard anything about domestic violence, and added: "Why would he reveal it?"

Wong missed a premiere of his new movie, Doomsday Party, last week in Taipei, and there was talk of his emotional problems, said Ming Pao.

Actor Teddy Robin, who produced the film, denied that Wong is troubled, however.

Ming Pao said Wong seemed to have been travelling in Los Angeles with his brother, according to his Weibo updates.

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