Ron Ng told he may die after getting diagnosed with swelling liver

After breaking up with Viann Zhang, Ron Ng has been dedicating all his time to work. However, his hectic work schedule has now led to his health deteriorating.

According to a report on, Ron was diagnosed with a swelling liver that is now 3cm bigger than that of an average person after he felt "very tired" and went for a medical checkup.

Prior to the checkup, Ron was known to have jumped from one production to another. After filming Triumph in the Skies 2, he went straight to China for other projects.

Such a gruelling schedule meant Ron has not taken a long vacation for eight years, and that he only gets four to five hours of sleep per day.

He even tried to go without sleeping for five days in row.

However, he may have to slow down a little bit now due to his condition -- his doctor has warned him that a lack of proper treatment may result in dire consequences.

"The doctor warned that it would cause liver infection or cancer and I may lose my life", he said.

After he realised the severity of his condition, Ron now seeks regular treatment from a Chinese physician.

When asked if he would abstain from alcohol, which is known to cause liver problems, Ron replied: "In our line of work, we need to work in the wee hours and have to entertain others too.

"It's hard to completely abstain from alcohol so we can only try to drink less. Francis Ng (his co-star in Triumph in the Skies 2) will often treat us to drinks during the meals. It will be rude to turn him down."

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