Ruby Lin, 40, and Wallace Huo, 36, announce they are dating

May 20 is the day for confessing one's love in Taiwan, and actors Ruby Lin, 40, and Wallace Huo, 36 have done just that.

The television stars, who have known each other for 10 years, first worked together in 'Sound of Colours', a television special based on Jimmy Liao's hit picture book.

Many people in Taiwan and China consider May 20 a day of love as the numbers 5, 2 and 0 sound like the phrase 'I love you' when said together in Chinese.

Huo's company made the announcement on behalf of the couple on Friday, in a post that read: "We hope to get everyone's blessing".

Lin also posted a photo of herself with a rose on Facebook saying: "So happiness has been near me all this while. Thank you all for your blessings. I am very well".

原來幸福一直離我這麼近~ 謝謝你們的祝福。 我很好❤️

Posted by Ruby林心如 on Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lin became a household name in Taiwan after starring in 'My Fair Princess' (otherwise known as 'Huan Zhu Ge Ge'), a drama series which also catapulted Chinese actress Vicki Zhao to fame.

Huo started out in showbusiness at the age of 17 as a personal assistant to Taiwan host Zeng Guo Cheng. He later accepted roles in idol dramas and quickly rose to fame.

Last June, he starred in TV show 'The Journey Of Flower', which became a hit in China.