S. Korean K-pop boyband Infinite to be in Singapore on Oct 5

In an e-mail interview I did with Infinite member L (yes, that's his stage moniker) last year to promote his hit TV drama, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, the dreamy South Korean dude unabashedly gave himself "10 out of 10" in the looks department.

And it's not just L who's oozing confidence and charm.

Armed with an arsenal of catchy hits like Paradise, Destiny and Man In Love, Sungkyu, 24, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, all 22, Sungyeol and L, both 21, and Sungjong, 19, are now primed for international success following the recent announcement of their first-ever world tour.

It kicked off on the boys' home turf with two soldout shows at the 13,000-seater Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Stadium earlier this month.

They will continue to perform for audiences in Asia, the US, South America and Europe till the end of the year.

They will be in Singapore on Oct 5.

Infinite's confidence shone through at their Seoul performance, when they addressed their supporters' concerns about the merger of their record label, Woollim Entertainment, with K-pop agency giant SM Entertainment.

SM Entertainment, home to South Korea's biggest groups, such as Girls' Generation, SHINee and Super Junior, are well-known in the industry for producing top stars, factory line-style.

The flip side is that their artistes are rumoured to have little control over the creative process.

Knowing that this was a major point of worry for their fans, leader Sungkyu promised the crowd firmly that "Infinite will not change" despite the change in upper management.

"We trust our CEO's decision," added Sungyeol. "Everyone, just trust us and follow us. We will give back (as much as we can)."

Infinite's November gigs in Los Angeles and New York are long-awaited affairs in the West, where their fanbase is getting bigger and bigger.

Last December, top US music authority Billboard made a list of 20 Best K-pop Songs in 2012.

Guess who came in at No 1? Not Psy, Big Bang or 2NE1.

Ranked right at the top was Infinite's punchy, explosive song The Chaser.

In retrospect, "10 out of 10" seems about right.


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