Sammi Cheng's new song hints at marriage woes

PHOTO: Instagram/Sammi Cheng

Hong Kong's Queen of Cantopop Sammi Cheng alluded to her troubled marriage in her newest song, We Grew Up in the Same Way, Sin Chew Daily reported.

A snippet of the song was posted on Instagram, along with a posting on her career.

"In 30 years, I've gone through so much. Walked out of depression and have had successes and failures in my career.

"I've also encountered some of the lowest points in life and deep waters in my marriage.

"There were happy times and there were painful times and because of this, it forced us to grow and mature," Cheng, 46, wrote.

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三十年前, mi錄了人生中第一個電台廣播劇「我們都是這樣長大的」,三十年後, 我以這劇名作為新歌的歌名, 以作記念. 三十年來, 我經歷了很多, 走過抑鬱, 事業有順有逆, 也捱過了一些人生低谷和碰上婚姻水深處, 有苦有樂有痛有自省, 因此有更深遂刻骨的成長. 告別了驕縱的個性而更懂得凡事感恩和謙卑, 人切實更成熟,更沉澱. 無論那劇或這歌,都是關於成長, 關於智慧, 關於愛情。 我們都是這樣長大的. 👶👨👨‍🦳 👧👩👵🏻 #我們都只是一個凡人 #誰都有脆弱 #誰都有唏噓 #人生就是不停的領悟 #我們都是這樣長大的 連綿雨,靈感也浸沒了, 塞澈骨, 落滿地葉黃掉, 捱下了,才發現腐泥上,遍山野花了.... 人大了,難得放肆地笑, 才會懂,煩惱盡量忘掉, 而患病這刻才發現極渺少,學會珍惜了 (恨怨都不重要) ... 兒童有著兒童畏懼 ,成人都有成人唏噓, 年年適應年年老去, 而智慧是沈著面對, 垂垂老矣說故事, 如孩童渴睡, 可説艱苦的歷史, 怎會了無生趣, 人群𥚃為人群顧慮,逃離總有逃離空虛, 時而走近時而遠去, 誰散與聚都居於心𥚃, 紅麈漂泊在一日驀然回首,和誰還是一對.... 塵世內誰無畏懼, 誰無心碎,誰無唏噓, 年年適應年年老去,而智慧是沈澱精萃, 年年跨過,挫折後驀然回首, 可說一生的歷史, 怎會了無生趣.... 如帶著殘餘顧慮,殘餘不滿,殘餘空虛, 時而走近時而遠去, 還看最後荒廢或壯舉, 決定我成敗得失心胸裡, 然後磨爛結晶, 都化做翡翠, 多得雨水. 作曲:徐沛昕 作詞: 詩詞 編曲:禇鎮東/徐沛昕 監製:蔡德才 (人山人海) #singer #song #growth #growthroughit #成長的唏噓 #成長 #歌

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Cheng is married to singer Andy Hui, 51, who rocked Hong Kong show business in April when a video emerged showing him canoodling with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong at the back of a taxi.

Both Hui and Wong have since taken a hiatus from their work.

Cheng put up several social media postings, saying that she had forgiven her husband and requested fans to respect her decision.

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