On-screen lovers take fans' advice - and get married

From reel to real life. Soap opera lovers "Saravanan" and "Meenakshi" finally broke away from the screen to be man and wife as real-life Senthil and Srija, Tamil Nesan reported.

"The fans are responsible for this marriage. Wherever we go, people tell us that we were made for each other. This sparked a chord between us. We have worked for six years on the series and, more than love, we have developed a beautiful friendship and understanding during the filming," Senthil said, adding that when the show entered its second season, he and Srija decided to get hitched for real.

In the drama, Saravanan Meenakshi, the two characters held a grand wedding a few years ago and viewers were invited to attend the event. In fact, the families of both the actor and his leading lady also graced the event.

But unlike the celluloid wedding, the couple's real-life event was a simple and quiet affair in the southern Indian city of Tirupati on Wednesday. Their families were again present.