Secret ingredients for success

Some members of the South Korean girl group tell Life! which super powers they would like to have It is not as if it is a big secret.

Still, it feels like some kind of taboo has been broken to hear South Korean pop starlet Jung Hana lament: "Weight control is a crucial lifestyle for girl groups."

In an e-mail interview with Life!, the 25-year-old member of all-girl pop quartet Secret says if she could choose a secret super power, it would be to be able to feast on delicacies without putting on the kilogrammes.

Unlike the powers featured in her group mate Song Jieun's recent drama series The Superman Age, calorie-busting would not be a super power which would save the world.

However, it would safekeep the dreams of their fans, including the ones here who will be joining them on Saturday at a fan meeting here.

Han Sunhwa, another member of Secret, would like to take a leaf out of the fantasy series Harry Potter, in which overachieving wizarding student Hermione uses the time-turner to get more time for extra classes.

"I would love to have a superpower that would enable me to stop time. I am the type of person who puts a lot of effort into my work," says Han, 24.

"I often feel that there is simply not enough time despite my attempt to use all of my days productively to review my lines for my acting roles."

Her dedication to her craft has earned her two Best New Actress trophies, for playing a single mother in family drama Rosy Lovers (2014) and a sexy private investigator in fantasy thriller God's Gift - 14 Days (2014).

To get into character, she goes beyond analysing the script and tries to "live as the character".

"Often, my character in a production carries over to my everyday life," says Han, who is inspired by South Korean actor Kang Ha Neul. Impressed by his portrayal as a bookish university student in the coming-of-age flick Twenty (2015), she says: "His acting in the movie stood out. I began to take an interest in him after watching the movie and started to find out about his other productions."

Despite her success in acting, she will be making time for her group activities, such as this weekend's fan meet at Resorts World Sentosa.

Secret made their debut in 2009 and have scored hits with tunes such as retrolicious ditty Madonna (2010) and the breezy Shy Boy (2011).

Jun Hyoseong, 25, wants to get their Singapore fans singing along to the group's catchy tunes at the event here.

Jung promises that fans will have so much fun that "time with us will fly by" and goes as far as to encourage all kinds of questions fans may have for them.

She says: "You will have the opportunity to ask us questions. You may ask us whatever you like."

Backing up her words, she does not shirk from a personal question Life! poses to her: "How do you envisage your future married life?" She says: "I love children and I want to have two kids. I often imagine my children running around with my dog. Many people see how I interact with my dog and say I would make a great mother."

A South Korean pop starlet not pretending to maintain a forever-virginal image?

More power to her.

This article was first published on June 24, 2015.
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