Secret Sun Hwa Expresses Her Feelings for G-Dragon

SEOUL - Sun Hwa of Secret revealed that she has a big crush on G-Dragon.

Female idol group Secret appeared on MBC every1's talk show, 'Weekly Idol,' which will air on Jan 15 at 6:00PM (KST), as a guest of this week.

On that day, Sun Hwa revealed that she is such a huge fan of G-Dragon and said, "He has a gorgeous gummy smile, and so do I!"

Sun Hwa also asked Hyung Don to call G-Dragon so she could talk with him. Hyung Don bragged about his close relationship with G-Dragon and said, "He (G-Dragon) is always waiting for my phone call. We talked two days ago," making her jealous.

Hyung Don also promised Sun Hwa that he would let her speak with G-Dragon on the phone if she completes the mission. Sun Hwa replies, "My only wish is to talk with him," continually expressing her big fan-ship.

Meanwhile, whether Sun Hwa succeeded in phone-talking with G-dragon or not will be discovered on Jan 15 through 'Weekly Idol.'