Seven is heaven for boyband Infinite

Seven is heaven for boyband Infinite

United we stand, say South Korean boyband Infinite.

Some members have gone on to do solo projects, but nothing beats the feeling of performing together as a group.

In a joint e-mail response to Life!'s questions, they say: "As a solo or duo act, we can focus on what we really like individually and get more chances to show what each of us has, compared with when all seven members are performing together.

"But it feels a bit lonely with just one or two guys on stage. When seven of us are together as Infinite, we give one another more energy, and performing feels a lot more fun."

They will be performing their first concert here at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday.

Infinite, which debuted in 2010, comprise leader and main vocalist Kim Sung Kyu, rappers Jang Dong Woo and Hoya, and singers Nam Woo Hyun, Lee Sung Yeol, L and Lee Sung Jong. They are aged from 20 to 24.

Charismatic Kim, 24, has the highest profile among them.

He was the first to release a solo album when he put out Another Me last year, and he has also appeared on a number of variety programmes, including reality show High Society 2 (2012) and game show The Genius: Rules Of The Game (2013).

Hoya, 22, and Jang, 23, perform together as hip-hop duo Infinite H and released a mini album titled Fly High earlier this year.

L, 21, was a main cast member on idol drama Shut Up Flower Boy Band (2012) and family sitcom What's The Deal, Mom? (2012).

Of their members who do not enjoy the same individual prominence, they say: "Woo Hyun enjoys songwriting - check out his song Beautiful from our album New Challenge (2013).

"Sung Yeol and Sung Jong are also really good at singing and dancing. They are rehearsing all the time, which sometimes freaks out the others."

Since their debut, Infinite have released six best-selling recordings, including the full album Over The Top (2011) and EP Infinitize (2012).

Their latest single is Destiny, an energetic dance pop tune with a slick music video, which aims to make listeners see them "from a totally different perspective".

"Most of our songs before were sweet and breezy, but we think Destiny has a very different kind of feel - it's very masculine. And the video is just like a blockbuster movie," they say.

Shot for more than US$890,000 (S$1.1million), the music video was filmed on location across Los Angeles, including at the Universal Studios, and the deserts of Las Vegas.

The international feel to the video is appropriate, given that Infinite are steadily gaining fans all over the world. Their current world tour, which includes the Singapore leg, will also make stops in the United States, Peru, England and France.

They are as surprised as anyone that they are becoming known beyond their home country. "We are quite amazed that there are many fans waiting for us out there, especially in the US and Europe.

"We had the chance to meet some of them online in video chats at press conferences, but this time, it feels really real because we'll finally get to meet them in person.

"We appreciate the other musicians who have devoted time to introducing K-pop music to fans outside of Korea."

In recent years, K-pop has become a phenomenon not just in Asia, but also in the Americas and Europe.

Asked to reveal a highlight from their upcoming show here, Infinite would only say: "You will find us a lot closer to the audience and this concert won't just be about our music.

"There will be eye-catching performances and stories to listen to. Are you all ready to have some fun?"

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