Shah Rukh Khan's latest movie is banned in Pakistan

Raees, the recently released Bollywood movie starring Indian megastar Shah Rukh Khan and Pakistani actor Mahira Khan, that was due to air in Pakistan on Feb. 2 has been banned in the country instead.

Although no official reason as to why it has been prohibited has been released, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) did mention to BBC Urdu that it was because the movie "depicts Muslims as criminals and terrorists" that made it "offensive to a particular sect".

Muslims-particularly, Shia Muslims-took umbrage at the trailer as it consisted of portrayals pertaining to their religious processions.

The crime-film tells the story of a Muslim mafioso named Raees Alam who runs a bootlegging business in Gujarat, where alcohol is strictly vetoed.

Jami Mehmood, a Pakistani movie director, believes that the country should be more open-minded and accepting toward different productions.

He said, "People ought to be tolerant of other people's views. We should watch Indian movies with the viewpoint of the Indians in mind, like Iranian films are watched in the United States."

The turbulent history of relations between India and Pakistan plays a part in the banning of the movie.

According to The Hindu, Pakistan only allowed the screening again of Indian movies after the minister of state information recommended it to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The Pakistan Film Exhibitors' Association (PFEA) lifted the ban last week after it was imposed in October 2016.