'She's my ideal leading lady': JJ Lin

'She's my ideal leading lady': JJ Lin

SINGAPORE - Home-grown Mandopop star JJ Lin wants to branch out into acting next year.

And his ideal leading lady is none other than his much-publicised long-time crush Hebe Tien, from top Taiwanese gal group S.H.E.

In a group interview on Friday afternoon to promote his world tour, the boyish-looking 32-year-old singer-songwriter took a long pause when asked who he would love to couple up with for his screen debut.

Sensing his hesitation to share, this reporter boldly suggested: "Maybe Hebe?"

Amid giggles and laughter that erupted around the table, Lin said with a wide grin: "Yeah, she's pretty ideal. That is, if she's into acting, too."

Lin publicly declared his love for Tien at his concert at the Taipei Arena in July, when he invited her up on stage to sit on a specially-constructed swing and proceeded to serenade her with his breezy hit, Soy Bean and Dough Fritters.

Since then, their fans have been egging their idols to "start dating officially".

Lin good-naturedly quashed any talk of a possible real-life romance between him and Tien, who is single.

She was linked to Jay Chou about 10 years ago. Last September, she was rumoured to be dating her female manager, but they have not commented on the issue.

He didn't quite admit that his fondness for Tien is unrequited, but said: "You know, it takes two hands to clap in a relationship. At this point, we are just very good friends.

"I can't speak for her, but I really treasure our friendship.

"As to what would happen in the future, we'll have to leave it up to fate."

Lin, whose latest concert tour is a celebration of his 10th year in showbiz, does not regret his "impulsive confession" to the ultimate girl of his dreams.

In a recent interview with Hunan TV, he referred to Tien as his "eternal goddess".

Other Chinese news reports quoted the bachelor as saying that he has been "admiring Hebe secretly for 10 years".

Lin said on Friday: "Looking back at that particular moment, I don't know where I plucked my courage from.

"I figured I was so daring because of the ambience that night...Most of my friends were present and I wasn't over-thinking. If I had been a tad more rational, I probably wouldn't have done it."

He also added that he appreciated Taiwanese pop queen Jolin Tsai's painstaking effort to matchmake him and Tien.

Tsai, who was Lin's special guest at the Taipei leg of his tour, openly urged Tien to "consider JJ's friendship" and revealed that most of Lin's chart-topping songs were written with Tien in mind.

"Thank you Jolin, for making me sound like a wonderful guy," he said, chuckling.

Dismissed rumours

Lin, whose November concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium is more than 80 per cent sold, dismissed the swirling rumours about him falling for new Chinese actress Li Xinai, calling the reports "entertainment fodder".

Said Lin, who has been linked to model-host Lilian Chen, singer Linda Liao and host Weng Tzy Mann: "Very often, people misunderstand me and think I'm a Casanova, when my true intentions are actually very pure.

"I like making new friends and going out with them for a meal, or a movie. Unfortunately, that means my chances of being photographed by the paparazzi are higher."

With his newfound ambition to crack the movie industry, Lin can expect more media hounds on his trail.

"I would love to take on an evil role, maybe play a psychopath," he shared.

"But I would probably start off with roles that are more conventional, something my fans can accept me in."

His concert tour, which Lin says will be a "powerful four-dimensional experience", could be a teaser for his future acting career.

"The inspiration for my current tour came from musicals, cabaret performances and theatre productions. I combined all these elements together," he explained.

"It'll not only be an audio treat for audiences, it will be a visual treat, too."

What: JJ Lin Timeline World Tour 2013

When: Nov 9, 8pm

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Tickets: $88, $108, $138, $168 and $198 from Sistic (www.sistic.com.sg or 6348-5555).

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