S.H.E's Selina still believes in love

TAIPEI - Taiwan celebrity singer Selina, best known as a member of popular girl band S.H.E, recently attended "Daughters' Romance," a reality show in China, with her sister and father.

Selina, who was married for about five years with a local lawyer, said during the show that she hasn't been in love again since her divorce.

Asked by her father if she still believes in love, Selina took a sip of wine, before she said: "Yes! I still believe in it because of you and mom."

Selina said her mom and dad have been in a great relationship ever since they married. She added that she and her sister have been influenced by their parents' relationship since they were little; so, they believe that love must all be wonderful.

Her father said: "What you know about love has always been positive, meaning that you got hurt a lot when you grew up. That's what I regret the most."

Hearing her father blaming himself, the singer couldn't help but cry and comfort him. "When I grow up; I will know the meaning of love by myself!"

Selina said she still believes in love, but the question on whether she will fall in love again is different matter.

She laughed and eventually said: "I had the courage to divorce; why wouldn't I have the courage of accepting love once again?"