Shila Amzah soaring high

Malaysian pop singer Shila Amzah.

Her achievement in the talent search show I Am A Singer has put Shila Amzah in a different league, Metro Ahad reported.

When she first entered the show, broadcast by China's Huna TV, Shila had only amassed 5,000 followers. After five weeks, the number increased to more than a million and is now fast approaching the two million mark.

Shila has also topped social website Weibo's trending list.

Many established Chinese musicians have praised Shila, who is said to have become sort of a phenomenon because she pre­sents Mandarin songs infused with international flavours.

During a recent trip back home to promote her upcoming debut concert, Shila described 2014 as the best year of her career and personal life.

"The impact of I Am A Singer has been far greater than that of the Asian Wave," she said, referring to the other reality show on Dragon TV where she was named the top singer in the finals of the first season in September 2012.

"I was surprised when the num­ber of my followers on Weibo hit almost two million. I guess fans in China are a bit different compared to fans here. They are excited to see me, some travelling from far to catch my performances.

"They call me 'Rabbit' and gifted me rabbit dolls. They would also send me carrots to eat," she told the paper in its Selebriti column.

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