Shinhwa’s Shin Hye-sung to return in duet with Lyn

Shin Hye-sung, main vocalist of Korea's longest running K-pop boy group, Shinhwa, is to reunite with ballad singer Lyn six years after their first duet in 2008.

Lyn participated in Shin's project album "He Said... She Said..." which amplified Shin's true talent as a vocalist. Since the duo has been keeping in tune for many years, the upcoming album is to capture more soulful and expressive vocals.

The song, "Once Again #1 Buen Camino" will be a rearrangement of "Buen Camino." The full orchestra bossa nova music of the original will be made into an acoustic tune for piano and guitar. Shin and Lyn's appealing vocals will top off the plaintive tune.

Shin's version of "Buen Camino" is to be released on July 15 to mark his 10th anniversary since his debut as a solo act.