Show Luo: I don't need love

SINGAPORE - He is a superstar who sings about love.

Yet, in an interview with the local media on Sunday, top Taiwanese pop idol Show Luo declared: "I don't need love."

The 34-year-old, who was in town to promote his latest album Lion Roar, said: "I do not like to be tied down. I enjoy my freedom and I want to be able to have time for myself when I take a break from work.

"I am not done playing, so I don't want to have the burden of a girlfriend at the moment."

Luo described his year as a busy one. He went home fewer than 20 times in 2013.

He also said that his car "went dead because I didn't even have time to drive it".

"My utility fees were also very low since I wasn't home most of the time."


Luo, who has always said that he is single, had been linked with several female artists this year, including Taiwanese model-actress Tia Li, 28, and Taiwanese host Linda Jian, 30.

He was reportedly spotted visiting Li on set in Shanghai while she was filming in October.

A month earlier, Luo was photographed celebrating Jian's birthday with her in a private room.

Addressing the rumours during the interview, he said: "I am not married, so it is natural that the media will link me with different female stars just because they photographed us going out together.

"But the news did not (go) too overboard, so I am fine with it." Luo also does not believe in settling down and starting a family by a certain age.

Instead, he believes in finding the right person before he would consider getting into a relationship with her.

"I need a girl who really understands my work and how busy my schedule can be, whether or not she is in the entertainment industry," he said.

"She must be someone who can bear the stress of dating me and accept it. Not many girls can do that.

"Many girls think that they can deal with it, but realise that they cannot. I don't want the girl to feel like she is suffering and making a lot of sacrifices when she is dating me."

And when he finds his right girl, Luo has a rule for her: "Don't mess up my room. I can be a bit of a neat freak. "If I have a girlfriend, she has to be tidy and neat. She cannot mess up my room and toilet, I won't like it at all."


Taiwanese superstar show Luo made headlines several times this year, for everything from copying G-dragon's hairstyle to being the highest-paid mandopop singer in 2013.

Luo gives his take on the controversies.

1) Slammed by netizens for copying K-pop star G-dragon's blond hairstyle for his latest album Lion Roar.

Luo wrote on his Facebook page: "Fashion is like a cycle. I coloured my hair gold 10 years ago and now that I've done it again, I am slammed for being a copycat! this is really funny! I can only say that I copied myself!"

2) Rumoured to be dating Taiwanese model-actress Tia Li and Taiwanese host Linda Jian.

Luo said: "We are just friends going out for dinner. It's the media who linked us as an item."

3) Highest-paid mandopop singer in 2013 with $25.7 million in earnings Luo said: "This may sound cheesy but my no. 1 spot is given to me by my fans. Albums are no longer selling well like how they did in the past, so I must really thank my fans for always supporting me."

"Now that I am at the peak of my career, can I request that I stay up here for a longer time and not slide down any time soon?"

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