'Show me her FB profile!': Today's moms' dating rules for their sons

Maan d’Asis Pamaran, mother with son, Ino.
PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/ Asia News Network

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we asked parents to share dating rules for today's "children."

A number of them refused. "My daughter will disown me!" one dad said.

But there were few brave moms willing to talk.

Rules for dating my sons

Maan d'Asis Pamaran, mom to Ino (17), Carmelo (13), Matteo (12), Alejandro (10)

"My eldest is turning 17, and he thinks that he is old enough to date. As his only parent, I wisely laid down the rules for him and his brothers, as soon as they were old enough for preschool. Here are some of the laws they should follow:

"1) They have to show me the girls' Facebook profile. I get free pass on passing judgment whether the profile photos suit my taste. Anyone who says they work at the Krusty Krab or is a "model at Instagram" is immediately vetoed.

"2) I have to meet them in person. To get past this hurdle, basic etiquette is a must. Some of the girl classmates of my eldest came over and they were very disruptive. I was like, "'Teh, bahay mo?' Of course, the girl classmates were never invited over again.

"3) I have to talk to them. Good grammar is a must. They have to submit a 500-word summary of the last book they have read and it better not be a vampire romance book.

"4) The girls' skirts should never be shorter than mine. My skirts are short enough.

"5) The last and most important rule I told my boys about dating is that they can only date when they graduate from college and when they have steady jobs-that way, I won't be the one spending for their dates. Any request for an increase in allowance will immediately be met with suspicion, and if further investigation shows that the allowance was used for matters other than what it was intended for, penalties will be swift and decisive.

Ruby Gan with sons Martin (left) and RalphPhoto: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network 

It's okay to go Dutch

Ruby Gan, mom to Martin, 29, and Ralph, 27

"My dating rules are fairly simple.

"1) Treat women with respect.

"2) It's okay to go Dutch.

"3) If you've been dating for some time and are getting serious, think twice, thrice if you were to act on it. If you need some help, go to the grocery store, look at the prices of the essentials -- that's a start. Then we can talk some more."