Shu Qi is child-like and sexy

SINGAPORE - What struck Mr Kenneth Goh when he did a fashion shoot with Shu Qi was that she looked like Hello Kitty.

He was all praise for the Hong Kong-based Taiwanese actress-model's refined features.

In real life, he said that Shu, 37, is stunning as she has porcelain skin and that famous pout.

He mused that she was special because her eyes were slightly far apart, and that "odd look" was what gave her the X-factor.

Said Mr Goh: "I though she looked really like Hello Kitty and I told her she was cute, she liked it.

"What people may not know about Shu Qi is that she is child-like and effortlessly sexy.

"She speaks to the people around her in a manja (Malay for affectionate) manner.

"Her sensuality comes from the way she moves in front of the camera..."

He has shot her twice for the Harper's Bazaar Singapore cover in the last few years.

Added Mr Goh: "We featured her twice because she appeals to everyone. Men love her and women want to be her."

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