Silly Tango by Hu Xia

SINGAPORE - Bespectacled Chinese singer Hu Xia has pristine, soaring vocals reminiscent of established veteran crooners Chyi Chin and Panda Xiong.

The winner of Taiwanese reality TV singing competition One Million Star in 2009 is clean-cut and wholesome.

But three albums on, the 23-year-old Guangxi native has yet to make an impact on the Mandopop scene.

After listening to his third studio effort, Silly Tango, I realise that the problem could lie with the material.

The 10 numbers on Silly Tango, from sentimental ballad Could We Make It to the soulful title track, while easy on the ears, lack punchy hooks to elevate them to classic status.

It is a pity, as Hu has proven with Those Bygone Years, the melancholic, chart-topping theme song of Taiwanese box-office smash, You Are The Apple Of My Eye, that when given the right tune, he can deliver like a superstar.

We await his next big hit.

Format: CD, Digital

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