Singer Cheng Kam Cheong preps own burial site for good luck

Kong (left) handing over the sheng ji monument to Cheng. Looking on are Lai Meng (in wheelchair) and (standing from right) Philip Wong, Cheong, Lee, Yu and Reeno.
PHOTO: The Star/ Asia News Network

It was a party and concert like no other as it was held at a memorial park.

The Monument Completion Handover Party held at Nirvana Memorial Garden in Semenyih marked the completion of the "sheng ji" monument for veteran local artiste Cheng Kam Cheong.

"Sheng ji" refers to the rituals and preparations required for a burial spot and tombstone done in advance by a living person.

According to Nirvana chief feng shui consultant Master Philip Wong, from a feng shui perspective, sheng ji can be used to harness good qi from the universe.

It is believed that sheng ji can promote longevity, motivate positive energy, change the course of one's destiny, spur career promotion and improve luck.

Items such as the person's hair, nails and used clothing are buried in the tomb in advance.

Guests at the ceremony later adjourned to the nearby multipurpose hall where Cheng, affectionately known as Cheong Kor (which means "Brother Cheong" in Cantonese) performed some of his hit songs including The Big Boss, the theme song he wrote for Bruce Lee's movie of the same name.

In 1973, Cheng sang the song for a show in Hong Kong while Bruce showed off his kung fu moves. The story of them sharing the stage made headlines in Hong Kong.

Cheng's friends and fellow artistes also performed during the event.

It was a rare opportunity for the audience as the veteran singer had decided to retire after performing for 53 years. His last concert was held in Genting Highlands in May.

At a press conference after his performance, Cheng said it felt like a mini concert with his friends in attendance.

"My mind is at peace now as I know where my eternal abode lies.

"Death is inevitable, it is good to preplan for it. Just like how in ancient times, the emperor's tomb would be prepared before his death," he said.

He added that he has friends who have bought their burial plots, but had not done the sheng ji monument.

"I would advise them: since they already have a plot, why not make a sheng ji too?

"The sheng ji not only improves one's health and luck, it could also benefit our family too," he said.

In his speech, Nirvana deputy group chief executive officer Jeff Kong said Nirvana was honoured to design Cheng's future "villa", following the one done for renowned local actress Datuk Lai Meng in 2013.

Lai, affectionately known as Lai Meng Yi aka Aunty Lai Meng, is a Nirvana ambassador and the first celebrity to have a sheng ji at Nirvana.

Cheng's burial plot and monument is located near Lai Meng's spot.

"Cheng has released albums in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Both Cheng and Lai Meng are international stars, the pride of Malaysia.

"I am grateful that our chief feng shui consultant Master Philip Wong chose this auspicious date for the ceremony. We hope this will bring Cheng health, luck and prosperity," he said.

Wong said previously one of 10 Nirvana customers would opt for a sheng ji but now the perception has changed and the ratio is 5:5 for customers.

Nirvana Memorial Park central region chief operating officer Datin Lee Jye Chyi added that many customers have enquired about having a sheng ji.

Also present at the event were Nirvana Asia Limited Asia Pacific Business Development adviser Datuk Wong Siew Ming, Nirvana Memorial Park chief executive officer Datuk Jerry Yu and Nirvana Asia Group executive director Reeno Kong.

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