Singer Emil Chau's son is all grown up; spitting image of dad

Remember Taiwanese singer Emil Chau's little boy? He is all grown up and trying to make a name for himself in the entertainment business.

Andrew Chau (Chau Hou An), 25, gave fans a shock when it was revealed that his father is none other than famous nineties pop star, Emil Chau. Though he looks more Caucasian due to his American mother, Constance Woods, his features make him a spitting image of his father.

According to Yam News, the actor is trying to break into show business on his own. But news got out and now television shows want him and his dad to appear together.

The younger Chau has been appearing in Chinese variety shows with his father since February this year. The duo provided some slapstick comedy as they played up the father-son act.

Elsewhere, the 25-year-old also had a role in Taiwanese comedic movie, Welcome to the Happy Days, playing a foreigner who can speak Mandarin.

Standing beside his dad, fans commented how alike they look even though the younger Chau looks like any Caucasian guy. He is almost the same height as his 54-year-old father and his features, especially the shape of his face, look very similar to him.

Chau also has a younger sister, Anya, who is reportedly a singer and her songs can be found on YouTube. She is studying music at university, according to The Straits Times.