Singer hints at cutting the China flag, then cuts the Taiwan flag

The offending photos.
PHOTO: Weibo

TAIPEI - Taiwanese singer Hsieh Ho-hsien (謝和弦) is known for his controversial comments and actions, from outing himself as a pot user to destroying his pricy T-shirt and hat in response to online comments that Taiwanese people are poor.

But this one might baffle even those who are familiar with his antics.

Hsieh posted a photo of himself holding a People's Republic of China flag and a scissor to his Weibo microblog page on Tuesday, triggering obvious outrage from mainland Chinese netizens.

Roughly an hour later, the singer posted a new photo to his Weibo account, this one showing him cutting up Taiwan's R.O.C. flag.

It came with the comment: "I was not going to cut up someone else's national flag. That would be very disrespectful. What I should cut up is the flag of our weak and impotent nation. An impotent government does not command respect."

Nobody seems to be sure what point he was trying to make, exactly.

He's previously expressed anti-China sentiment, but more recently also gone on a rant against the "weak" administration of President Tsai Ing-wen.

Hsieh has also previously said he didn't need the mainland market, but is on Weibo, which is used almost exclusively in China.

Damaging the R.O.C. national flag is punishable by a jail sentence of up to one year or a fine.

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