SM Entertainment dominates K-pop industry in 2015

Despite the overflow of idols this year, singers from SM Entertainment dominated the K-pop industry, working in full groups, subunits and as solo acts.

Girls' Generation

Brushing off the concerns revolving around former member Jessica's departure from the group, eight-member Girls Generation once again rocked the K-pop industry by returning with "Party" and "Lion Heart." Emanating different ambiences, the seasoned group nabbed the top spots on various music programs and online music charts.

Taeyeon's solo activity with her first album "I" and the Christmas album "Dear Santa" from subunit TTS carried on the girls' ongoing popularity.


Undeniable influential boy band EXO became the princes of K-pop in 2015 by kicking off the year with second LP "Exodus" in March, sweeping local music charts and recording huge numbers in sales. The lead track "Call Me Baby," enthralled fans, racking up 18 top spots on diverse music programs.

Following the repackaged album "Love Me Right" in June, the iconic group celebrated the year's end with Christmas album "Sing for You" and its double lead tracks. Regardless of prominent singers' return, such as Psy and Zico, in a similar period, EXO held on to local music charts.


Breaking a 15-month hiatus, quartet f(x), reduced from a quintet due to Sulli's withdrawal, came back to the music scene with "4 Walls." As usual, the album contained f(x)'s particular music styles, once again strongly imprinting its musicality to fans.

Meanwhile, f(x) appeared first with "Wish List," depicting the fluttering moments waiting for one's love, as part of SM Entertainment's winter project "Winter Garden."

Red Velvet

Good-start rookie girl group Red Velvet, debuting last year with "Happiness," expanded its fan base by dropping first EP "Ice Cream Cake" and first LP "The Red," proving their high potential to line up with SM's senior idols.

The quintet also put out "Wish Tree" as the second part of SM's winter project.


Boasting a 15-year history, singer BoA celebrated the year with album "Kiss My Lips" alongside her two-day exclusive concert at Seoul's Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, a prestigious venue for Korean singers.

BoA will continue the agency's winter project by releasing "Christmas Paradise" on Tuesday.

Super Junior

Veteran Super Junior, marking its 10th anniversary by releasing "Devil," has made headlines due its members' consecutive military enlistments -- Sungmin, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Siwon and Donghae have all signed up.

The year 2015 was also a year for Super Junior members to break off on their own for brisk individual activities. Siwon solidified his whimsical image via MBC drama "She was Pretty" and Yesung dipped a toe into the acting industry with JTBC's "Awl," while other members focused on other fields, including music and entertainment programs.


Five-member boy group SHINee has had a hectic schedule, unveiling their fourth full-length album "Odd" and repackaged album "Married to the Music" after three months away. As well as group activities, the members pursued individual careers as well.