S'pore fans wowed by Jay Chou's last concert before his marriage

It was the perfect swansong for this bachelor.

A euphoric end to nearly 15 years as Asia's most desired male superstar.

To Jay Chou's legion of screaming female fans in Singapore, the final curtain call last night meant one less eligible prince charming on the market. Last night was the last date before he is due to get hitched.

Perhaps that was why the atmosphere yesterday seemed to be the most electrifying of all his live concerts here so far.

More than 30,000 insatiable fans formed an impressive sea of pink lightsticks - pink being the Mandopop star's favourite colour - at the National Stadium.


They were sheltered from the wet weather outside, although a bit of the rain got in.

Not that anyone seemed to mind.

Chou's visually dazzling performance made sure that each song was lapped up by the crowd.

Be it the breathtaking computer-simulated 3D visuals, the futuristic holographic rocket that hovered mid-air, or his effortless ease at handling genres from hip-hop to ballads, Chou aced it all.

Alas, there was no sight of his wife-to-be, 21-year-old model-actress Hannah Quinlivan, in the audience.

Chou, who turns 36 next month, had recently opened up about his marriage proposal to Quinlivan.

He told Taiwanese reporters that he had popped the question in London during a specially-commissioned fireworks display. That plus him on bended knee understandably moved Quinlivan to tears.

They will wed on his birthday, Jan 18.

Those hoping to see a glimpse of that romanticism on this stop of his Opus 2 Jay 2014 World Tour were left disappointed.

Chou did sing and gambol with a female artiste though - leggy guest singer Cindy Yen.

She performed duets with him on Free Instructional Video and Romantic Mobile Phone.

Are the fans worried that marriage may change the star?

Ms Jan Leong, an ardent Chou supporter, told The New Paper on Sunday: "I don't think Jay will be any different."

The medical professional in her late 40s added: "He already has a series of concerts in China lined up next year."

Needy teens get free tickets

For 10 Jay Chou fans, getting to watch their idol sing and dance in the flesh held special meaning.

These disadvantaged teenagers, mostly from low-income, underprivileged families, received free passes to watch Chou's concert with their family members, thanks to local telco, M1.

They are beneficiaries of Beyond Social Services, a charity for disadvantaged youth and children, which M1 has adopted.

Two of the teens, sisters Tan Xue Li, 16, and Tan Xue Le, 12, enjoyed an additional privilege - a private meet-and-greet session with the Mandopop king backstage.

"Jay Chou looks very handsome in person," a clearly starstruck Xue Li told The New Paper on Sunday. "This is the first concert I've ever attended. The special effects were fascinating."

Added Xue Le: "When I told my friends I was (going to meet Chou), they were really happy for me."

Mr P. Subramaniam, M1's chief marketing officer, said: "We work with our adopted charities to offer interesting experiences and Jay Chou's concert is, without doubt, the biggest and most exciting event this festive season."

Mr Gerard Ee, executive director of Beyond Social Services said: "It is a wonderful opportunity for youths to appreciate that despite our many challenges, life has its unexpected pleasant moments."

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