S'porean actor in KL probed over lewd photos

SINGAPORE - He played a law-breaker and a gang member in the 2011 hit movie KL Gangster.

In real life, Adi Putra may be running into problems with the law - over lewd photos and messages.

Malaysian media reported on Thursday that the Singaporean actor, now based in Kuala Lumpur, is being investigated by police over lewd photos and messages he allegedly exchanged with an unknown 30-year-old married woman.

The 32-year-old actor, who has been married to Malaysian film producer Aida Yusof, 38, since 2006, is said to have met the woman through photo-sharing app Instagram.

They started communicating via chat service WhatsApp on July 29.

According to a source quoted in a report by Malaysia's Berita Harian on Thursday, the woman's 56-year-old businessman husband got wind of the chats after he saw a picture of the actor in his wife's phone while having a meal at a restaurant at Jalan Skudai-Pontian.

The source said the husband immediately made a police report at the Skudai police station in Johor Baru.

According to the source, Adi and the woman admitted sending pictures and messages to each other, adding that they were just "having fun" and that they have never met in person.

Johor Baru North police chief Assistant Commissioner Ruslan Hassan told the New Straits Times that a police report had been lodged against a popular actor, but declined to reveal the actor's name.

'Offensive sexual remarks'

AC Ruslan said the businessman claimed he saw photographs of the actor's private parts, as well as "offensive sexual remarks" on his wife's mobile phone.

"This had caused his wife to feel mentally disturbed," he said.

Adi and the woman were in contact with each other from July 29 to Aug 5, he said.

The police have confiscated the mobile phones of both parties for further analysis.

"The actor has cooperated by giving a statement after being asked to do so after the report was filed," said AC Ruslan.

Malaysian press reported that Adi has been uncontactable since the news of the allegation broke.

Ms Aida, however, has spoken up in defence of her husband after being contacted by Malaysia's Berita Harian on Thursday, saying that she would not let the controversy affect their marriage and that she has never doubted her husband.

At about 2am on Friday, Adi addressed his fans in a tweet, saying: "You know more about a person from his character and his questions, rather than his answers."

Last year, Adi was alleged to be in a relationship with Malaysian actress Nora Danish, his co-star in the film Aku Terima Nikahnya.

Word had it that Nora, 31, was the third party in Adi's rocky marriage last year.

Adi filed for divorce from his wife, but later retracted it.

In an interview with The New Paper in July, Adi denied the allegations, saying: "People will always talk and we cannot stop them."

Recently, his wife was by his side when he was hospitalised briefly in August for unknown reasons.

After news of the scandal broke, she tweeted: "Insya Allah (God willing), those who are patient will be blessed."

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