Star of 'Ah Boys to Men' with 30-character password got hacked by Anonymous

SINGAPORE - Despite having a password of over 30 characters, star of local movie 'Ah Boys to Men' who allegedly asked his fans and followers on his social media platforms not to support international hacker group Anonymous, had to lodge a police report after he was unable to log into his sites for four days, reported Lianhe Wanbao.

Actor Ridhwan Azman, 20, said that he found it impossible to go online starting last Tuesday, and was unable to log in into his social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, his blog, and his two e-mail accounts which returned to normal four days later.

After he discovered that two hackers had registered themselves as the manager of his website, the twenty-year-old star then lodged a police report.

According to Azman, he had posted a message on video sharing platform Youtube to ask 16,000 fans not to support the group Anonymous and their hacking activities. For security reasons, he created a password containing 30 characters, and did not expect the Anonymous group to be able to decode it.

The police are currently investigating the two hackers involved in this case as well as those involved in the invasion of the government websites and declined to give any comments at this moment, reported the evening daily.

This was translated from Lianhe Wanbao (Nov 13, 2013).


Ah Boys To Men actor's social media accounts defaced for 'dissing the legion'

SINGAPORE - Ah Boys To Men actor Ridhwan Azman found his social media accounts defaced by hacker group Anonymous, in retaliation for 'dissing the legion' through several postings on Twitter.

The 20-year-old, who previously stirred controversy after admitting to slapping his then girlfriend, had tweeted about how he felt #AnonymousSG was a 'joke' and 'stupid'.

Telling his followers to trend the hashtag #AnonymousSGIsAJoke, he also made mocking comments such as, "Expect you to make my ORD date faster can?", in reference to the hacker's threat about attacking government websites.

Around five hours after his last tweet on Nov 5, tweets claiming to be from hacker group Anonymous were posted through Ridhwan's account @RidhwanAzman. These include:

"So you wanna talk s**t about anonymous? Have a taste of what's to come," and "He has been dissing the anons for far too long.. Now the lulz shall be called upon him."

The Twitter profile's description was also altered to: "So sorry Ridhwan. Finally you got ALL the attention that you've wanted - Youtube? h4xed Instagram? h4xed Facebook? h4xed Twitter? h4xed Emails? h4xed".

A video was also uploaded through ​Ridhwan's YouTube channel as a warning. The caption said: "​Claiming that we are a joke, in all attempts to trend such is now nothing but inactive accounts. What you thought was a joke is now real."

The group also claimed that they will 'certainly retaliate' should anyone intend to cause them harm.

Ridhwan Azman later posted through a second Twitter account @RidhwanAzman_ confirming that his social media accounts had been hacked.

Tweeting that 'he deserved this', he also wrote: "I thought #AnonymousSG was not real, now I know it's real. I learnt my mistakes, so now I hope I could get back my accounts, because I need them."

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