Stars Dance by Selena Gomez

SINGAPORE - While Miley Cyrus tries to corner the white-girl-trying-to-be-black market in pop music, her fellow Disney alum Selena Gomez is going for the all-out party girl vibe.

Gomez's first solo album - she broke up with her band The Scene last year - makes me wonder whether she's trying to make club bangers for the tween set.

Coming a little late to the EDM and dubstep party, the 21-year-old offers an album of partyworthy songs, with some obvious cribbing from other pop stars.

The title track could have been a song by UK dance-pop singer Ellie Goulding. Gomez often cribs from the Rihanna songbook - reggae-dance track Like A Champion has her even putting on a vague Jamaican accent for the chorus, while Come & Get It sounds like a rejected Rihanna track.

What fails Gomez is her strange, somewhat raspy, husky voice - she seems to talk melodically more than she sings these songs.

Formats: CD, digital

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