Stephanie Sun signs on to Universal Music

SINGAPORE - Universal Music announced the signing of Mandopop artist, Stefanie Sun at a press conference on Tuesday, Sept 3.

Since her debut in 2000, Stefanie has won a slew of awards including "Best New Artist", "Best Female Mandarin Singer" and "Best Singer". She has released eleven albums and sold more than 30 million copies in Asia.

A familiar household name, Stefanie has performed the Singapore National Day theme songs at the Singapore National Day parade in consecutive years.

In 2007, she performed at the 40th anniversary celebrations for ASEAN and in 2008, recorded the theme song for the Beijing Olympics with other Asian stars Jane Zhang, Wang Leehom and Wang Feng.

Stefanie is known for her humanitarian work and has visited Calcutta, Congo and Niger in her role as an Ambassador for World Vision. As part of natural disaster relief efforts, she also visited Aceh, Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami and Sichuan, China after the 2008 earthquake.

After the release of her tenth album, Stefanie took a four-year hiatus before making a comeback with a critically acclaimed 11th album in 2011. Her first album with Universal Music is scheduled for release in December.