'Summer Nights': K-pop girl group Twice needs to grow up

PHOTO: Facebook/Twice

The average age of all nine members in Twice is about 21. For many young women, that would be an age of legal emancipation, emotional maturity and self-discovery. But those ideals are far removed from the cutesy template of this nine-track offering.

Summer Nights is a reissue of the group's fifth South Korean extended play What Is Love? and features three new songs.

Lead single Dance The Night Away is quintessential Twice - all dazzlingly happy, deliriously poppish and cloyingly cute. The next two new tracks - tropical-infused Chillax and feet-tapping Shot Thru The Heart - follow a similar girlish sound.

If overt cuteness isn't a crime, then monotony should. Since breaking out with the smashing Like Ooh-Ahh in 2015, the girls have taken the K-pop charts by storm with a pretty impressive, albeit safe, bubblegum pop sound. There hasn't been much evolution from when they first debuted - and the group's artistry is wearing thin.

Tracks like What Is Love?, Sweet Talker and Dejavu rely on call-to-arms schoolgirl chants and ebullient tune to create K-pop confections that are insanely infectious. But that bright disposition is not without an expiration date.

The girls of Twice are not getting any younger, and that whole adorable image will only take them so far. It would do the members some good to get their act together and start acting their age.

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