Sylvester Sim on alleged affair: Flirty SMSes? That's just how I talk

Sylvester Sim on alleged affair: Flirty SMSes? That's just how I talk

The past week hasn't been easy for local singer Sylvester Sim.

The Singapore Idol 2004 runner-up, who has been married since 2012, was accused of having an affair with a married singer.

Speaking at a press conference for his new Mandarin single A New Hope yesterday, Sim said: "I am only human. To have such news happen one week before my music comeback is very disappointing. Of course I was affected and I felt down."

The 33-year-old, who also celebrated his birthday at Zouk last night, added in a mix of Mandarin and English: "It's been mentally and physically tiring, having to deal with this incident and prepare for my comeback at the same time. I am grateful that my friends and family have been very supportive."

Last week, allegations surfaced that Sim was having an affair with a 24-year-old singer after screenshots of intimate texts between the two were sent to citizen journalism site Stomp by her husband.

The messages, which went viral online, showed the pair talking about kissing each other and showering together. (See report, right.) When asked about it, Sim calmly insisted that she was not his type.

He said matter-of-factly: "We are innocent and we are certainly not having an affair. I don't want to clarify the messages one by one as this involves her family matters and the whole thing is taken out of context.

"This is the way I talk. Everyone who knows me knows that I am flirtatious by nature. I talk using flirtatious words, and I do this to everyone, including guys.

"My grandma scolded me and told me not to talk like this any more. I guess I have to learn to talk in a more mature manner in the future to avoid misunderstandings."

Sim got to know the singer as she sings at live music lounge Unplugged in Dempsey, where he is an entertainment manager.

He said he sees himself as her mentor and gives her advice about the music industry from time to time. Since the allegations surfaced, he has not spoken to her directly.

He said: "She apologised to me via the company's WhatsApp group chat. She is now taking a break from work but if she wants to return to singing, I will still support her. However, to avoid more gossip, I will not collaborate with her."


Sim has also not spoken to the woman's husband as he did not see the need to.

"He (the husband) went straight to the media, so I am clarifying my stance through the media as well," Sim said.

"There is no need to look for him directly. I am not a gangster picking a fight."

Sim said he also feels bad for his wife, singer Sisy Wang, 32, as he did not mean to "hurt her intentionally".

He said: "My wife is like a man. She understands me, and she wasn't angry after I explained everything to her. She didn't cry but I felt like crying instead.

"Girls throw themselves at me all the time since my Singapore Idol days. Sometimes, guys around those girls got jealous and wanted to fight with me.

"However, I don't see the point in fighting over girls."


Excerpts of text messages between Sylvester Sim and the singer:

Her: Bb why you stopped the kissing again

Sim: When? Just now?

Her: Yup

Sim: Cos u sleepy and need to leave mah

Her: Bb I kiss you won't be sleepy

Sim: But still, in public, I scared I cannot control

Her: So now you're teasing me

Sim: I really horny la, when you kiss me


Sim: Actually wanted to ask u if u wanna accompany me to shower. Forget it.

Her: Occ. Hehehehe.

Sim: Can shower together?! Really?!

Her: Occ...

Sim: Wat occ. I mean can shower together there?!

Her: But I shy. But I don't like in the shower. If u get what I mean


Sim: U are special. But please control a bit.

Her: Control what

Sim: I am a love guru. Confirm a lot of girls. But I don't f*** around, I say already

Her: Ok, then I ok. Seriously ok.

Sim: Control your mood, I say, don't fall too deep.

Her: Okayyyy

Sim: Haven't one month you already... Make sure, or else I don't know how to love you the right way

Her: I'm just weirded out if you slept with someone then sleep with me I will be pissed. That's all.

Sim: Siao

Her: I know we're impossible and just making the best out of this time. We're just being selfish for ourselves.

Sim: And I won't regret

Her: Me too

This article was first published on Jan 20, 2016.
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