Taiwanese actor Kai Ko received 'celebrity treatment' during detention: Cellmate

A man who claims to have been Chinese celebrity Kai Ko's cellmate during his detention has come out to reveal details about Kai's two-week stint in detention.

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko tested positive for marijuana and was detained for 14 days in Beijing, China.

The 23-year-old was held in a police swoop along with the son of Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan as part of Beijing's high-profile crackdown on drug use in recent months.

The actor - who was reported to have previously been involved in an anti-drugs campaign - was paraded weeping on national television following his arrest, AFP reported.

"In the future every day (I) will slowly mature and this will be an ugly scar I will bear," he was quoted as saying with tears glistening on his face and lips trembling.

"Sorry everyone, sorry to all. I am the worst, most harmful role model," Ko said. 

According to Asian Pop News, Ko was teased by his cellmates for getting preferential treatment during his detention. A man claiming to be his cellmate told the media that Ko did not have to wear the convict's uniform, except on his first day.

In addition, his clothes were washed for him and he received better meals. He also was reportedly given a plank to sleep on by himself, while other inmates had to share. According to the cellmate, five to six inmates would normally share a single plank.

The other inmates were also told by the officers not to bully Ko.

In response to the rumours, the actor denied receiving preferential treatment, saying that he was treated in accordance with the centre's regulations.