Taiwanese actress finds out hubby's mistress is her mother

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Taiwanese actress Jiang Ping made a startling revelation on a talkshow that her former husband had cheated on her with her own mother, China Press reported.

Jiang married him after a whirlwind romance. They got hitched less than a year after meeting.

She conceded that their passion dwindled eventually. So she consulted a fortune teller, who told her that her husband was cheating on her.

When confronted, her husband confessed that he was having an affair. What shocked her was that his "mistress" was her own mother.

"If I didn't do it, your mother would have gone away with someone else," he apparently told Jiang.

Jiang made repeated attempts to contact her mother, who did not answer her calls.

She has since divorced her husband of seven years and cut ties with her mother.