Taiwanese artiste Aaron Yan outed as gay, accused of seeing 3 men at the same time


Taiwanese artiste Aaron Yan apologised for not handling his personal life well and regretted that his private life had been exposed.

According to Oriental Daily, Yan was seeing three different men at the same time.

One of the boyfriends leaked photos of them kissing and the conversations they had on social media on Tuesday (Nov 6).

The 33-year-old singer returned to Taiwan from China on Wednesday and was silent when reporters asked him about his relationships.

Later, he responded with a 400-word text apology, Oriental Daily reported.

“I will review my mistakes and make myself a better person. I am sorry for hurting the people involved. I am sorry to my family and fans who have been supporting me,” he wrote.

Yan's agency HIM Music, however, issued a statement on Wednesday (Nov 7) saying that the reports are not true and have damaged the singer's reputation. It added that Yan has denied the claims and apologised for the distress his friends have suffered.

Photo: Weibo/HIM Music