Taiwanese celeb Gino strongly refutes claims of drug use

Taiwanese actor Tsai Tung-wei refuted on Tuesday the fake news which says he had used drugs when he debuted in 2003.
PHOTO: Facebook/GINO Tsai

TAIPEI — Taiwanese actor Tsai Tung-wei, better known by his stage name Gino, refuted on Tuesday (Oct 20) news reports that he was addicted to drugs after his debut in 2003.

Gino posted on Facebook a screengrab of an article published by Malaysia-based newspaper China Press, which claimed that he “returned to acting after a period of silence due to a drug scandal that broke out at the climax of his career”.

He started out in the boyband K ONE in 2003. In recent years, he starred in the Taiwanese drama Golden City, in which he played the popular role Lee Wen-chang.

Gino is cast in the Taiwanese drama Golden City.
PHOTO: Facebook/GINO Tsai

In response to the allegations, the 40-year-old replied: “Here we go again, who is writing about me using drugs! It’s not the first time, and I’m going to clarify once again that I’ve never touched drugs!”

He added: “But if I have offended anyone, please contact me directly, not in such a way to mislead my family. Hearing such lies breaks my parents’ hearts and they are already 70 years old…”

To conclude, Gino said he would gladly take blood and urine tests, if necessary, to prove his innocence.

“Who can help me? Maybe the way to help me is to help me forward this post.”

Gino refutes fake news about his drug scandal. 
PHOTO: Facebook/GINO Tsai