Taiwanese diva Jody Chiang sings farewell at Taipei concert

PHOTO: Scorpio East Productions

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Taiwanese-language diva Jody Chiang's farewell concerts in Taipei City drew to a close yesterday at the Taipei Arena, with special guest A-mei seeing the diva off to her Kaohsiung concerts.

The next series of Chiang's farewell performances will be held at the K-Arena on Aug. 29 and 30, Sept. 4 to 6 and Sept. 11 to 13.

Chiang's farewell concerts have not only seen huge demand for her tickets, but also famous singers making special guest appearances with the famed Taiwanese-language music legend.

For A-mei to attend Chiang's final Taipei concert is symbolic, as both singers, who are appreciative of one another's talents and achievements, have made special appearances at each other's concerts throughout the years. Earlier in April, Chiang appeared in the audience of an A-mei concert, before the two singers performed a duet, much to their fans' delight.

Popular Hong Kong singer-songwriter Jacky Cheung and pop-song singer Wang Lee-hom were the two guests at Chiang's final concerts last weekend, with Wang providing a violin accompaniment to the diva's performance.