Taiwanese magician shares levitating bridal photo

Taiwanese magician Lu Chen confirmed rumours of his marriage to model Ariel Wang by posting a bridal photo on Sina Weibo, showing him levitating his wife, along with the caption "Automatically forwarding the good news".

According to People's Daily, the two met at a networking event and started dating soon after.

Their relationship was confirmed after the couple were photographed many times in their courtship.

Ms Wang was born in Beijing in 1986 and is ten years younger than Lu Chen. There was speculation that they married only because she was pregnant, but Lu Chen's agent denied these claims.

"No, she is not pregnant," the agent said, replying to Chinese-language news agency NTDTV.

Fans hoping for a wedding banquet any time soon will be disappointed, as Lu Chen's work schedule is packed for the remainder of the year.