Talk of Wonder Girls breaking up scotched

SEOUL - Rumours have been hotting up about South Korea's Wonder Girls.

The group's leader - Sun Ye, who got married in January - is expecting, and rumours are rife that she will leave the group after she has her baby in October.

The rumours gathered steam when she and her husband, Korean-Canadian missionary James Park, moved to Canada.

Sun Ye, 25, was even said to be bound for Haiti, where she would concentrate on missionary work with her husband after her baby is born.

The contracts of three Wonder Girls members - Yeeun, Yubin and Sohee - are also scheduled to expire by early next year. The group has been on hiatus since February.

JYP Entertainment, the agency representing the Wonder Girls, has dismissed the rumours, with a spokesman saying that "nothing has been discussed on the matter".

"Both the agency and Wonder Girls members have never discussed the group's disbanding," the spokesman said.

The group behind hits like Tell Me and So Hot were on a roll. They entered the United States in 2009, making a splash with the English version of their hit single, Nobody.

Last year, R&B singer Akon was featured in the girls' single, Like Money.